About college

Almaty Electromechanical College (AEMK) is a leading educational institution in the educational market of Almaty. AEMK was founded on October 27, 2006 in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”, “On Local Public Administration in the Republic of Kazakhstan” and the decision of the Akim of Almaty, Tasmagambetov I.Zh.

Currently, the college is a complex that includes 27 classrooms, a reading room, a library, a sports hall, 10 training and production workshops, a training ground, an assembly hall and a canteen. Cabinets equipped with new

The engineering and teaching staff works in accordance with the requirements of the “State Education Program in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2015.”

7 years in the field of education, quality confirmed by time. The leadership of the modern college submits the educational processes of exceptional systematization and methodology.

In our educational institution, it works and gives its high-quality results, a clear planning scheme, both in the field of teaching and in the field of competitive documentation and development.
The college administration carefully monitors the professions in demand on the professional market of the city of Almaty and the republic. This circumstance is reflected in the choice of those specialties that the college offers applicants. Not only today’s interest is taken into account, but also specialties, the demand for which will grow.
The main activity of the college is the training of specialists on the basis of basic secondary, general secondary, primary vocational education, retraining and advanced training of specialists with technical and vocational education, after secondary education, retraining and advanced training of personnel.