Language and Ethnic Features in the Context of Preventing Offenses


On December 20, 2023, a seminar was conducted at the Almaty Electromechanical College for second-year students as part of the project ‘Prevention of any forms of insult to honor and dignity,’ supported by the Non-Profit Joint Stock Company ‘Center for Support of Civil Programs’ and organized in collaboration with the ‘Youth Renewal Coalition.’ The seminar focused on the theme ‘Language and Ethnic Features in the Context of Preventing Offenses.’

The event was moderated by Dinara Berekayeva and Bakhytbek Shynar Bakhytbekovna. Bakhytbek Shynar Bakhytbekovna serves as the head of the language teaching department at the ‘Language Learning Center’ of the Jambyl Regional Language Development Management.

The seminar addressed issues related to linguistic and ethnic aspects, discussing methods for preventing any forms of offense in the context of honor and dignity. Participants from the second year actively engaged in discussions, sharing experiences and understanding of the issues.

The event was part of the efforts of organizations aimed at building a more tolerant and respectful society, where respect for cultural and linguistic diversity plays a crucial role in fostering harmony and mutual understanding.