Practice charity, and you shall witness its blessing!


‘Practice charity, and you shall witness its blessing’ proclaims a Kazakh proverb. Charity is a unique manifestation of human kindness and care for one another. It embodies genuine love and support, where the pure intention to assist one’s neighbor and a moral connection are revealed.

In anticipation of the upcoming New Year, the staff of Almaty Electromechanical College carried out a noble deed by presenting gifts to the residents of the social care institution ‘Kamkor’ in the Bostandyk district. This touching moment exemplified their concern and warmth towards those in need of special support.

Such initiatives not only bring joy to those who receive them but also inspire others to follow suit, expanding the circle of good deeds. Acts of kindness like these create a favorable atmosphere in society and bring bright moments to the lives of those they are intended for. We hope that such initiatives become a tradition, filling our world with kindness and mutual assistance.