Professional development, Brazil, São Paulo


The teachers of specialized disciplines from Almaty Electromechanical College, namely Aynash Toktymanova and Aida Zhumamuratova, along with the master trainers in production education – Kuanysh Iskakov, Serik Beisen, and Beknur Nalzhigit, undertook an educational trip to the Festo Training Center in São Paulo, Brazil, to enhance their professional skills.

During the visit, our college representatives familiarized themselves with the structure and schedule of the educational process, gaining an overview of general information about the center. They extensively studied the system of professional education, as well as the teaching and training methodologies in mechatronics. Gonzalo Mora, the head of the training center, acquainted the teacher-trainees with various educational seminars during the practical training period.

Special attention was given to the details of the WorldSkills Championship, providing comprehensive information about this international event. In recognition of their participation and successful completion of the training, our teachers were honored with international certificates, affirming their high professional level.