At our college, a significant event took place as Sergey Serebryansky, the CEO of Janser Consult GmbH, Katya Kaiser, the head of TUV Rheinland Academy, and Khairulla Baidildaevich Kozhabayev, the director of Janser HR Academy, visited and signed a memorandum of international cooperation, encompassing four key areas. The primary goal of this memorandum is to establish and develop collaboration between the parties in the fields of energy and innovative technologies.

An essential component of the memorandum is the preparation of candidates for employment in vacancies in the Federal Republic of Germany in specific specialties and professions. The essence of this agreement lies in the joint efforts of the parties in providing practical training for qualified personnel in the field of public service.

A significant step towards enhancing the quality of education is the commitment of our German guests to provide our college with the necessary educational equipment. This collaboration offers unique opportunities for our students and marks an important stage in the development of our educational programs. We eagerly anticipate the successful implementation of this international cooperation.